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French Macarons? Yes, Please!

Although the macaron is predominantly a French confection, there has been much debate about its origins.
There will be no debate that these will be fun to make...

  1. Pick any color DECO Clay and make two balls of equal size.
  2. Flatten the balls with a palm of your hand by pressing down softly.
  3. Create the “foot” (frilly base) using small texture brush.
  4. Roll out a thin rope about 7cm (2 ¾”) long, using a white clay.
  5. Flip one side up and attach a white rope in circular motion.
  6. Put the other side on top and slightly squeeze together without destroying the shape.  Your macaron is done!
  7. Have fun creating macarons in many colors!  You could also change the color of the cream filling.


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