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Clay Baby... Shoes and Gifts

You will be learning how to create these adorable baby shoes. Great fun for baby showers...

Baby Shoes and more, more, more

  1. Roll out DECO Clay to 2mm (1/12”) thickness and use a paper pattern to cut out sole and toe pieces.  Use needle tool for cutting.
  2. Roll out another piece of clay (choose a different color) to a same thickness, use paper pattern for the heel and cut it out using needle tool.
  3. Attach the toe and sole pieces (step ①) together.  You could use a drop of water to secure the parts together.
  4. Now, attach the heel (step ②).
  5. Roll out a thin rope for the edging detail.
  6. Attach a rope onto the edges of the toe.
  7. Use a needle tool to add texture to the rope.
  8. Attach a rope on the edges of the heel piece and add texture using a needle tool.
  9. Make a bow using Decorative Design mold.
  10. Attach a bow (step ⑨). Repeat steps ①~⑩ for a pair of baby shoes.
  11. Enjoy by creating more cute baby items!

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