•  Book title: Clay Art Botanical Interior Author: Yukiko Miyai Release date: Friday, February 9, 2024 List price: $23.95 ISBN: 978-4-391-16083-3 Publisher: Shufu to Seikatsusha Co., Ltd.

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Clay Art Botanical Interior - Japanese Language

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Welcome to a space that heals your mind and body. Bring a breath of nature into your room with greenery and interior accessories made from clay. Clay art artist Yukiko Miyai's new book Clay Art Botanical Interiors was released on February 9th.

Introducing a recipe for making elaborate clay ornamental plants, which have become increasingly popular.

We will show you a wide variety of greenery, including large leaf types, dangling pendant types, succulents, and bonsai, along with your interior design. Also includes fruits and mushrooms that can be displayed on the table.
You can also download the production videos of some of the works and the patterns of the published works using the QR code.
Start with a single leaf.
Once you master the basics of how to handle clay, how to shape it, and how to make leaves and stems, you can arrange it as you like. The instructions on how to make them focus on how to handle basic clay and how to create basic shapes when making plants. Start with a small piece, such as a leaf or a piece of fruit. Once you get used to it, we recommend trying larger ones with larger leaves and many parts.

Interior green & interior accessories made with colored lightweight clay

A variety of botanical interior accessories made with light and easy-to-handle colored lightweight clay (soft clay) and modeling clay . Introducing clay art artist Yukiko Miyai 's styling ideas and methods for creating realistic works.

GREEN -Living room, entrance, bathroom-

The living room surrounded by greenery is a relaxing space. I style the space with plants made from clay, such as potted plants and wall-mounted greenery. Clay will never wither or lose its shape , so it will always decorate your room in its best condition.

KITCHEN -Kitchen greens, fruits, vegetables-

I'd like to have some greenery in my kitchen, but it doesn't get much sunlight and I'm reluctant to bring in soil. But with clay green, you don't have to worry about that. It would also be wonderful to make fruits and vegetables with cute shapes and display them like objects.

We will introduce plenty of interior ideas for decorating living rooms and kitchens with clay, taken at the author's home in Hawaii and at a friend's house.

We will provide detailed explanations on everything from how to handle clay to the basics of making works. Comes with a QR code that allows you to download leaf patterns that are useful when making leaves and watch videos of the production process.

Author introduction

Yukiko Miyai
Clay craft artist. She runs the DECO Clay Craft Academy with her mother, Kazuko Miyai (a clay craft artist). She has classrooms, shops and studios in Japan and Hawaii, always incorporating new sensibilities, creating original methods and designs, and disseminating his work to Japan, the United States, and overseas. She is expanding the scope of his activities through seminars and other activities. Her books include ``Green Garden of Flowers and Succulents Made with Clay'' (Shufu to Seikatsusha), ``Gifts of Flowers Made with Soft Clay'' (NHK Publishing), and many others.

Book title: Clay Art Botanical Interior
Language: Japanese
Author: Yukiko Miyai
Release date: Friday, February 9, 2024
List price: $23.95
ISBN: 978-4-391-16083-3
Publisher: Shufu to Seikatsusha Co., Ltd.

●No. 1 in Amazon's best-selling ranking!
Pre-orders have been strong even before its release, and it has been ranked number one in the books/flower arrangement category on Amazon's best-selling list. (2024.2.2)


CLAYCRAFT by DECO was developed in Japan by Kazuko Miyai who founded DECO Clay Craft Academy in 1981. Her passion for crafting inspired her to work with a chemist to develop the perfect clay. When she was finally satisfied with the results, she began doing presentations and conducting workshops to share her love of clay crafting.
DECO Clay Craft Academy was founded in 1981 by Kazuko Miyai. There are now over 6,000 instructors of this craft in Japan, Russia Hong Kong, Taiwan, the United States, and more are being trained every day.

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